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Learning solutions

Leading organisations view business English as a strategic asset.

Faster response times, improved productivity and enhanced collaboration are outcomes driven by strong business English proficiency.

Lexicon offers blended, online, workshop, or extended training packages that build the skills your workforce needs and get the results your organisation demands.

Words matter.

How you choose and use your words shapes how well your message is written and received.

When greeting visitors and introducing yourself, are you making a good first impression? When participating in meetings or negotiations, how confident and composed are you?

Give your language skills a regular workout. Working with our personal trainers will keep them fit, agile, and flexible enough to communicate confidently - whatever the challenge.

Ever thought about what makes some presentations more memorable or engaging than others? Why do some presenters grab and hold your attention, while others may not?

Why is it that so many people prefer sending emails to using the phone? Sure, being able to write an email quickly and clearly is a valuable asset in business. But, a call can often be far more productive.

Lexicon designs evaluation tools that enable organizations to align language competencies with staff grades to create skills benchmarks for each position within the company.

Send the right message



Lexicon has a proven track record of delivering successful corporate training solutions to leading global businesses.

Understanding the needs of our business partners and their teams has enabled us to provide customised training across a range of industries.

Here's a few sectors where we currently operate.

We create imaginative, engaging training for your industry, custom built for your business.

Make the right impression


Specialist hospitality industry training

Ensuring first class service is essential in hospitality.

Whether front line service, back office, junior or management grade staff, Lexicon delivers highly practical training that meets their needs and upgrades their skills.

Through one or two-day workshops, short intensive courses, retention training, blended and interactive online programs, your staff will engage with a custom-built learning experience.

Expert training for hospitality professionals



We deliver fun, focused and practical training using a methodology that makes skills simple to apply and language easy to retain.

Our three-stage approach to consultation, design and delivery translates into tangible benefits that are easily measured in staff performance.


Our clients are the best resource we have. Listening to, talking to, and learning from them is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the cornerstone of our approach to consultation and the secret to successful training.


Thorough consultation is key to fulfilling business needs. But, this attention to detail also lets us get creative, too. It means we design materials your staff can really identify with. So, when we deliver the training it's sure to speak to them.  


Designing practical, easy to use resources is what makes the training fun and effective. Here, we strive to bring our materials to life with training activities and interactions that stimulate interest and encourage learning. 

Personalise your learning



We offer a selection of fully online, or blended products and services that include:

Professional business writing skills

Hospitality and retail industry training

Call centre training

Interactive grammar programs

Assessment and benchmarking

Get in touch for full details, or a demonstration of our LMS and online learning solutions.

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